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About us

We have been serving the “In-School Holiday Gift Shop” niche for over 20 years. Over the years Holly Jolly Gift Shop has played a pivotal role in shaping up the “In-School Holiday Gift Shop” industry. Our in-depth understanding of the nitty-gritty associated with running a school profitably has helped us evolve the model of “In-School Holiday Gift Shop” in a way that delivers maximum profit to schools but without burdening them with additional task.

Holly Jolly Gift Shop has made things more interesting by offering free supplies that helps a school run a fair more efficiently. To show our appreciation towards our patron we have been running array of loyalty programs and incentive programs. Since the school will never be stuck with a dead inventory, the entire program is risk free. Schools can return anything that isn’t sold, so you effectively pay only for what is sold.

Holly Jolly Gift Shop offers cash register app that enables every staff working the fair to have their own register right in their palm. Moreover app cuts down many manual tasks, for example it totals your daily sales and provides you real-time data on how your fair is doing.

The In-School Holiday Shop (Santa Secret Gift Store) is 100% on consignment for all PTA, PTO and HSA Association, The In-School Gift Shop may go by many different names: School Holiday Boutique, Santa Secret Gift Store, A Small World Gift Shop, In School Holiday Shop, Christmas Fair, Jingle Bell Shoppe, Holiday Bazaar, Consignment School Shoppe, Gingerbread Fair, Young Kid's Consignment Store, etc

Schools are usually pressed for time and precious human resource. Running an “In-School Holiday Gift Shop” from scratch requires huge amount of work such as surveying hundreds of suppliers, short listing gift items and sourcing inventory besides figuring out marketing strategy and all the things associated with setting up and running the gift shop. Once it is all over, the school had to also deal with dead inventory. It is a huge unnecessary pain. Moreover since running a festival gift shop is not the core activity of a school, not many schools were doing it when we started. We at Holly Jolly Gift Shop understood this pain area from the early days and so we designed a model in the form of a kit that eliminates all the pain area. Little Angels supplies kit that not only contains carefully selected inventory, but also come with essential marketing materials to promote the event. After the event is over, the schools can return all the unsold inventory back to Holly Jolly Gift Shop

We have over 200 items in our Santa Secret Shoppe, not everything is in our brochure or on our website.  Most of our gift prices range from $.15 to $5.00. When we send our Holiday Shoppe to your school, we send you an assortment: mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, all other family members, pets, teacher, holidays, kids items, jewelry and sports. If there are any items you do not want included in your shop, just let us know. We usually send over 150 different items. We base your Christmas Holiday Boutique on the number of students in your school and if your had a sale the year before we will ask you the total amount sold. We send you plenty of product. 

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